Saturday, 30 January 2010

Only two days to go...

Only two more days to go until the start of my 365 day E-bay Challenge on Monday 1st February 2010.

This weekend I'm scouring the E-bay listings to try and find some bargains that I can purchase at a good price and resell, hopefully, at a decent profit.

It is quite a laborious task but without any "stock", the Challenge can not begin.

I have found a few items listed, in what I would consider, wrong categories and a couple of misspelt ones. These may escape the gaze of other E-bay bargain hunters giving me an opportunity to jump in!

I am also looking at job lots and bulk collections which can be split down and sold off in smaller lots - the old sum of the parts doctrine (as practised by the late Lord Hanson!).

I will of course keep you regularly updated on my triumphs and failures as the Challenge progresses.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Only 14 days to go...

Only fourteen days to go until the start of my 365 Day Ebay Challenge.....

Next week I will start to identify items to buy on Ebay which I can, hopefully, quickly turn around and resell on Ebay at a profit.

I will be looking at buying large to medium sized job lots which can be broken down into individual or smaller lots and sold on.

I will also be keeping my eye out for any items which have been listed in the "wrong" category which may sell for a better price when listed in the right category.

Will keep you posted!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The 365 Day Ebay Challenge. What's it all about?

Thanks for landing on my blog!

You must be wondering what it's all about...

Well after pottering about on Ebay, buying and selling a few bits here and there over the last few years, I decided to set myself a proper challenge....

To see how much £ 100 would become 365 days later solely by buying and selling items on Ebay.

The rules I've set myself are quite simple -

1. I can only sell an item that was initially purchased on Ebay over the duration of the challenge.

2. All costs for postage, packing materials, Ebay and Paypal fees will be taken into account.

3. I must write a post about each item I purchase and each item I sell.

That's it in a nutshell.

Along the way I'll be posting regularly about my triumphs and, hopefully not too often, tragedies as well as passing on any Ebay tips I pick up.

If you would like to follow my progress please subscribe to this blog or alternatively, why not set yourself the same challenge and we can compare notes in 365 days time!

My challenge will begin on 1st February 2010.