Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 107 - Quick Update

Just a very quick update on the auctions which ended last weekend.

Total sales netted around £ 35.

The vintage postcard album has found a new home in the far north of Scotland near the fishing port of Peterhead.

I will be listing some more items for sale later this week, time permitting. I will also have to have a look out for some new stock to buy as the current inventory is beginning to run low again.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 100 - This week's auctions

Day 100 of My 365 Day Ebay Challenge and I thought I'd give you all an update on a few of the items I have listed for auction this week...

This week's "star" item is the above postcard album which I have filled with vintage postcards dating from the 1900's to the 1950's. The album has already attracted a bid at the auction starting price of £ 9.99 and has a large number of watchers (some of whom will hopefully later become bidders!).

Please click here to see the auction and further photos of the album.

A few weeks ago I bought a job lot of militaria from a chap in East Malling, Kent which included a number of plastic model kits such as the 1/72 scale Afrika Corps pictured above. These plastic model soldiers are popular with war gamers.

Apart from the Afrika Corps soldiers, I have also listed a set of World War II RAF personnel and a set of World War II USAF personnel.

Links to these auctions can be found here...

Afrika Corps

RAF Personnel

USAF Personnel

The majority of this week's auctions are due to end on Sunday and I will post an update then (if not before).

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 98 - End of April Report

Here is a quick position update on My 365 Day Ebay Challenge as at the end of April...

Sales to date (net of postage and Ebay fees)

Total - £ 121.06


Approx 300 vintage postcards - cost price £ 18.00

Various model kits/militaria - cost price approx £ 15.00

Airfix box set - cost price £ 3.99

1 x vintage postcard album - cost price £ 9.50

Total - £ 46.49

Based on the above, the initial £ 100 stake is now worth £ 167.55

Not stellar progress to date but my Ebay activities have unfortunately been severely curtailed by my day job which has been extremely busy over the last few weeks.

This weekend there was an Ebay free listing promotion and tonight I have made a number of new listings to take advantage. Included in the new listings is the vintage postcard album which I have filled with cards. I am optimistic this will bring in a good price. The auction is due to end next Sunday.

With a bit of luck, I will make another post tomorrow evening and list out the auctions which I currently have running so that you can follow their progress.