Saturday, 30 January 2010

Only two days to go...

Only two more days to go until the start of my 365 day E-bay Challenge on Monday 1st February 2010.

This weekend I'm scouring the E-bay listings to try and find some bargains that I can purchase at a good price and resell, hopefully, at a decent profit.

It is quite a laborious task but without any "stock", the Challenge can not begin.

I have found a few items listed, in what I would consider, wrong categories and a couple of misspelt ones. These may escape the gaze of other E-bay bargain hunters giving me an opportunity to jump in!

I am also looking at job lots and bulk collections which can be split down and sold off in smaller lots - the old sum of the parts doctrine (as practised by the late Lord Hanson!).

I will of course keep you regularly updated on my triumphs and failures as the Challenge progresses.

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