Monday, 1 February 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge - Day 1

Well today is the first day of My 365 Day Ebay Challenge.

I am still sniffing out bargains which can be resold for a profit. I currently have about a dozen lots I am watching but have not made any bids so far.

I have to make sure that I examine each lot purely on it's resale merits and in a strictly business like way, ensure I do not get attached to any of the items and most importantly ensure that I do not end up paying too much for something.

The first auctions that I am watching will be ending in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed I will have some stock to sell by the end of the week and get the ball rolling!

The position on Day 1.....

Cash: £ 100

Stock: none so far!

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