Friday, 4 June 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 124 - End of May Report

Here are the "scores on the doors" after the first four months of My 365 Day Ebay Challenge .

Sales to date (net of postage and Ebay fees)

Total - £ 173.01


345 vintage postcards - cost price £ 20.70

(I actually got around to counting them properly this time which explains the slight increase in value over last month!)

Various model kits/militaria - cost price approx £ 15.00

Airfix box set - cost price £ 3.99

Total - £ 39.69

Based on the above, the initial £ 100 stake is now worth £ 212.70

Steady progress given the little amount of time I have to spare due to work commitments.

This Sunday (6th June) there is another free listing day on Ebay. Once more I am planning to take advantage and get several lots listed up. I am thinking of selling the remaining vintage postcards in several fair sized lots to clear them.

This may not necessarily be the way to get the highest price but it will enable me to reinvest in stock which is easier/quicker to turn around such as model kits. I have identified several lots of model kits which I will be bidding on over the next few days. If I am successful in winning any of the auctions I will keep you posted.

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  1. This is a really decent return. You know if you have the time and nuance, its a better investment that a savings account and the paltry rates of interest we get. You have doubled your stake in just 4 months.
    Well done you!