Sunday, 4 April 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 63 - End of March Report

Yes I know it's April now but I've been a bit busy!

Here is a quick postion update on My 365 Day Ebay Challenge as at the end of March...

Sales to date (net of postage and Ebay fees)

Total - £ 107.29


Approx 300 vintage postcards - cost price £ 18.00
Various model kits/militaria - cost price approx £ 25.00
Airfix box set - cost price £ 3.99

Total - £ 46.99

Based on the above, the initial £ 100 stake is now worth £ 154.28

On the purchasing side of the equation, I have bid on another two empty vintage postcard albums this evening. So far I have not had any luck winning any auctions for albums at a sensible price.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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