Sunday, 14 February 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 14 - More stock!

After a very barren couple of weeks of failed attempts to win any auctions at all, I can't seem to stop winning them this weekend.

As part of my strategy to sell the postcards which I picked up on Saturday for the best possible price, I decided a few days ago to keep my eyes open for an empty vintage postcard album in which to place some of the cards.

I have noticed that some albums containing vintage cards have been selling at fairly healthy prices lately, sometimes in excess of £ 100.

Anyway, today I managed to buy a vintage album with space for up to 200 cards for the princely sum of £ 7 including postage from deepest darkest Wales.

The current plan is to put some of the best cards into this album and sell the remainder in another four of five separate lots. I am hoping to list up the first lot for sale on Monday.

My good luck did not end with the postcard album....

This afternoon, on the off chance, I thought I'd have a quick browse through the model kits listed on Ebay. Lo and behold, I saw an auction with about seven minutes left to run for three vintage Heller plastic model kits.

A couple of years ago, I acquired a large lot of about thirty of these vintage French made model kits and did very well with them as they are quite sought after by collectors.

I managed to win the auction at a total cost including postage of £ 12.68.

One of the kits alone should sell for £ 10 - £ 12 - going on past experience.

My total expenditure on stock so far is £ 79.68 leaving a further £ 20.32 available for new purchases.

If you are interested in vintage model kits, please visit my blog here!

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