Friday, 19 February 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 19 - Album Listed Up

This evening I have been feverishly slotting cards into the vintage postcard album ready for listing up.

As I mentioned previously, Ebay have been running a two day free listing promotion and I wanted to take advantage of it.
Normally when I am listing up an item I only include one picture to keep fees to a minimum but in the case of the postcard album I have included several different ones.
I believe on this occasion it will be necessary to include the additional pictures if I am to sell the album at the best possible price.
This evening I have also listed up one of the set of three model kits that I purchased.
I am also pleased to report that the first bid has been received on one of the bulk lots of 1950's - 1970's postcards that I listed up earlier in the week.
If you would like to follow the progress of my auctions on Ebay - or even bid on an item yourself, here are the links to my current listings.....
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