Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 3 - No Luck So Far!

Well today has been rather frustrating....

This evening two of the auctions that I had been watching all week ended but I was not successful in my bidding.

As I am doing this with the intention of trying to make money on Ebay, I have to set myself strict limits and make sure I don't pay too much for anything.

The two lots I was hoping to win were vintage aircraft model kits. I have dabbled in selling model kits before and have a fairly good idea of what a particular kit will be worth. In fact I write another blog about vintage model kits....

Unfortunately I was not the only one who recognized their value this evening!

I have found another model kit which has been listed in the wrong category at £ 0.99 which usually sells for £ 20 plus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that as it's in the wrong category it may escape the gaze of others...

Will keep you posted.

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