Monday, 1 March 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 29 (part 2) - Listing & Buying

Further to my earlier post , I have had a busy few days on Ebay.

Last night I listed up some more of the old postcards that I bought earlier in the Challenge. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.....

Vintage views of Plymouth.

Cards produced by the British Museum.

Royal Navy Patrol Boat - HMS Kingfisher

Very early 1900's postcards of London
If you would like to follow this weeks postcard auctions, the links are here...
Apart from listing the cards up yesterday, today I have been back on the buying trail to get some new stock lined up for future sale.
This morning I bought a very unusual lot which I came across by accident whilst looking for something else. I have bought a job lot of model kits and, what I can only describe as, military paraphernalia!
The lot consists of a steel helmet of unknown origin, some ammunition pouches, some Bren gun magazines, some webbing, various war film DVD's, some Royal Tournament brochures, a complete Churchill's World War II and various other items.
This is a complete move away from the sort of things that I normally sell on Ebay but I suppose if I stick with what I find safe, it won't be much of a challenge!
I am hopeful that the helmet and some of the other items will be worth decent money but I haven't taken too much of a punt as the model kits alone should resell at £ 30 or so and I only paid £ 51 for the lot.
The seller is located just up the road so I'm planning to pick the items up next weekend and I will post up some pictures.
This evening I bought an Airfix box set of three model aircraft kits that the seller had listed in the wrong category for a total cost of £ 3.99 including postage. If he'd listed them in the correct category I would probably have had to pay at least £ 10 for this item.

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