Saturday, 13 March 2010

My 365 Day Ebay Challenge Day 41 - New Stock Pictures

As promised, here are a few pics of the stock I picked up last weekend....

An unidentified (so far) steel helmet. I have found a forum run by military enthusiasts and will see if they can help me find out what it is exactly. Will keep you informed of any developments.

Band of Brothers box set. Well worth a watch if I say so myself!

Ammunition pouches, possibly German...

A souvenir brochure for the 1979 Royal Tournament at Earls Court.

The Royal Tournament was a tattoo held annually by the British military between 1880 and 1999, when it was killed off by the Labour government ostensibly due to cost cutting, but equally likely for not being "politically correct".

I can remember being taken to a Royal Tournament at Earls Court when I was a kid and having a whale of a time. One thing that sticks in my mind was a performance by an Iraqi Army pipe band!

I will be listing up some of these items tomorrow and will post the links to the various auctions in case you wish to follow their progress.

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